Eligible studies are those that include either:

  • At least 500 cases of invasive breast cancer and 500 controls, with DNA samples available for genotyping. The controls must be broadly from the same population as the cases. Cases of carcinoma-in-situ may also be included. Cases may be selected by age or family history.


  • At least 1000 invasive breast cancer cases with follow-up and data on overall survival.

ALL studies must sign a legal agreement with the University of Cambridge before they can become a member of BCAC. Studies are considered to be participants in BCAC when they have contributed genotype and covariate data to the BCAC database.

Studies should have case-control sets with phenotypic and epidemiological covariate data listed in the file: BCAC Phenotype Data Fields

Studies with more limited data may also be acceptable (e.g. those with limited data for controls). For most projects, preference is given to studies with more complete clinical, follow-up and risk factor data.

If you are interested in participating in BCAC, please complete the BCAC application form. Note that we do not usually have funds to cover attendance at meetings.