The BCAC database includes data on more than 200,000 individuals. This includes:

Genotype Data

The BCAC database currently includes genotype data from two large genotyping arrays, iCOGS and OncoArray, together with data on a smaller number of genetic markers genotyped in eleven phases.

Sequence Data

The BCAC database also includes sequence data from the BRIDGES project

Data Access

Access to the BCAC data is governed by a Data Access Co-ordinating Committee (DACC), which comprises a number of BCAC investigators and working group leaders who volunteer to be on the committee.

If you are interested in gaining access to BCAC data please contact the BCAC Coordinator. Note: Upon approval of analyses by the DACC and the BCAC PIs, a non-negotiable data transfer agreement (DTA) must be signed prior to any data being sent. Once the recipient has received the data, the recipient can publish the results, and, any such publication is required to be in accordance with the DACC guidelines for publication.

Summary Results

Summary results from the GWAS (iCOGS and OncoArray), and, sequencing (BRIDGES) projects are now publicly available and can be accessed via the links in the side menu.